Thursday, December 26, 2013

i love taimei 我愛台妹 Jakarta

"i love taimei" (我愛台妹) is a store that sells Taiwanese street food. The concept of Taimei is brought together by two Taiwanese sisters. In 2009, they had their first store in Bugis, Singapore. And so far, there are already three more stores.

Just yesterday, "i love taimei" opened their new store in Indonesia. It is located at Tribeca - Central Park mall.

Open kitchen.

Cute colorful kisses on the wall.

Super Milk Caramel - Rp. 22.000
One of the signature drinks. My first time to drink milk caramel and it's so good! The grass jelly was a perfect topping for this drink.

I love Taimei Winter melon - Rp. 18.000
A sweetened drink made of Winter melon fruit. It looked like tea but there is no tea in this drink. It had a unique taste that reminded me to pandan syrup.

Mango Popz - Rp. 22.000
Refreshing drink with mango flavor and bubbles that will pop inside the mouth. If you are not a sweet tooth person, I will recommend the 50% of sugar level.

Selina Chicken - Rp. 32.000
This chicken is named after one of the Taiwanese girl group S.H.E (Selina, Hebe, Ella). The process of making this chicken is fry - marinate - grill. The BBQ sauce was tasty. As for the chicken cutlet, it was so tender and had a nice semi-crispy skin. Delicious!

Sweet Potato - Rp. 18.000
The sweet potato was coated with batter for getting the crispy texture. Tasted nice but the seasoning was a bit too sweet for sweet potato that already tasted very sweet.

Chicken skin - Rp. 18.000
Very crispy that made the texture more like chips instead of the original fried chicken skin. Good seasoning though.

Shan Cai Bento - Rp. 32.000
There are five choices: BBQ crispy chicken, Taimei chicken thight, popcorn chicken, extra crispy chicken, or mushroom combo. A boiled egg, seasoned french beans and white rice are included in the bento. This menu is only available in Indonesia. 
Current currency:
1 USD = Rp. 12.200

I love taimei Central Park
Central Park Mall, Tribeca UG-06
Jl. S. Parman Kav. 28
West Jakarta


  1. Nice post ^^
    The selenia chicken, chicken skin and the I Love Taimei Wintermelon looks really delicious and tempting to try! yummy!
    I think I will visit this I Love Taimei when I visit Jakarta soon ^^

    1. iqbal prasetyo: thanks for dropping by :) Yeah... Give it a try when you visit Jakarta!

  2. first try when in bugis singapore
    and finally their open the franchise in CP, I'm so happy to hear that, because I just need walking from my apartment
    btw, my fav is honey milk tea, maybe you should to try them ^^

  3. dina: Does the honey milk tea at I love taimei, tasted the same like the honey milk tea at Chatime? I like the super milk caramel :)

  4. i used to eat quite often at this cafe when I was studying in Singapore! So glad to know that they open in Jakarta. :D

    Feel free to visit my blog


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