Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tsurukamedou Ramen, Jakarta

It's been raining in Jakarta and a bowl of hot ramen would be perfect for the rainy season. Not too far from my house, there is a ramen shop named Tsurukamedou; it means the Hall of Crane and Tortoise. It is founded by Ramen Chef Masayuki  Nomura in Japan. So far, there are already 8 branches in Japan.

Tsurukamedou offers ramen which soup is made purely from bones, cooked at high temperature for over 16 hours. Because of the recipe's pureness and intensity, Tsurukamedou is well known in Japan for its authentic Hakata style super strong tonkotsu ramen.

For appetizer:
 Ebi Gyoza - Rp. 32.000
Crispy skin with a good amount of filling.

Spicy Tori Karaage - Rp. 32.000
I like this crunchy and tender chicken. Not too salty nor too spicy. It's good eaten with the shredded cabbage. 

Tori Katsu - Rp. 32.000
The deep fried breaded chicken was good.

The Ramen:
Tonkotsu Ramen - Rp. 45.000
Hakata-style ramen served with pork slices, egg, spring onions. The pork bone broth tasted definitely very rich, strong and tasty.

 Tori Ramen - Rp. 45.000
This chicken ramen is for those who can not eat pork. It tasted nice but not as tasty as the Tonkotsu ramen.

Tori Shishen Ramen - Rp. 45.000
Spicy ramen which I didn't dare to try it but according to my friends, it tasted good.

Ebi Chahan - Rp. 32.000
This fried rice was totally enjoyable.

The drink:
Hot Ocha - Rp. 8.000 (refill)

The dessert:
Jelly (complimentary)
Current currency:
1 USD = Rp. 12.250

Tsurukamedou Jakarta
Jalan Ratu Kemuning Raya Blok A2 No 8A,
Taman Ratu Greenville (opposite Papa Mama Bakery Shop),
West Jakarta,
Tel: 56940712

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