Sunday, April 12, 2015

Burgerous (Burger Restaurant)

Burgerous is a new place for burgers in West Jakarta. It all started when a guy who stayed overseas most of his life, came back home and realized that he can't find the burgers he loved overseas. Thus, with a passion for good burgers, he created Burgerous that focused on quality and the food are carefully crafted.

There are three types of meat (beef, chicken and fish) for the burger. The beef are Australian imported and the patties are 100% beef without any fillers. They are prepared by hands so customers might find the inconsistencies. same as the buns are also hand formed without the use of molds.

Jucy Lucy - Rp 55.000
A burger oozing with flavor from within. A thick beef patty filled with melted cheddar cheese within, along with fresh lettuce and toasted bun.

 Fried Cheese Burger - Rp50,000
Deep fried burger bun with a tinge of sweetness, paired with a beef patty, a slice of cheddar cheese, secret sauce and fresh lettuce.

Orange Chicken Burger - Rp. 35,000
A deep fried chicken patty, topped with homemade creamy orange sauce and actual orange slices. Paired with fresh lettuce and a toasted bun.

Nihon Chicken BagaRp 40.000
A Japanese street-food inspired burger.
A deep fried chicken patty, breaded with secret ingredients. Covered with homemade Nihon sauce and mayonnaise, in between fresh lettuce and a toasted bun. 

Mashed Potato - Rp. 15.000
Love this smooth creamy mashed potato! 
It's layered with beef bacon bits with homemade brown sauce.

Fries - Rp. 17.000 (M), Rp. 20.000 (L) with one free sauce.
Straight cut fries seasoned with 7 herbs and spices.

Dipping Sauces - Rp. 5.000/sauce
Aioli: an alternative to the common Tartar sauce
Cheese: White cheddar cheese
Calypso: An orange color sauce that tasted similar to thousand island sauce
Pepper Chipotle: A peppery mayo sauce
Mixed berry: A good blend of berries with ketchup
Honey mustard: Sweet sour

Fiery Fish Rice - Rp 35.000
Homemade spiced sauce, which includes a mix of sour and spiciness, layered over a deep fried Dory fish fillet. Finished with mixed veggies and buttered rice. 

French Toast Ice Cream -  Rp 40.000
Simply awesome. White bread filled with Kaya and Peanut Butter, soaked in homemade egg batter and then panfried. Topped with maple syrup and sugar icing, along with a scoop of unique Kopyor ice cream. 

Iced Tea Durian - Rp. 15.000 (M), Rp. 18.000 (L)
Moctails Banana Colada - Rp. 15.000 (M), Rp. 22.000 (L)
All prices are inclusive tax.
Current currency:
1 USD = Rp. 12.920

Jalan Taman Ratu Indah Blok D.11 No.24
West Jakarta
Tel: 29336378

Opening hours: 11.00 - 24.00


  1. liat post ini jadi inget sama mosh burger

    1. albert chandra: Oh... mirip yah? hehehe...

  2. kok kayaknya enaaaakk yaa...taman ratu indah tuh area dimana sih, hahahaha..aduhh ngiler

    1. vari sapi lucu: Iya... boleh dicoba lho... memang tempatnya ruko kecil sih tapi rasa makanannya enak :)

      Taman Ratu itu sebelahnya komplek Green Ville (di belakangnya daerah Tanjung Duren - Grogol). Burgerous letaknya dekat dengan restaurant Seafood Saung Green Ville.


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