Friday, April 24, 2015

Saraso Padang Cuisine, Citywalk Sudirman

There is a modern contemporary Padang restaurant named Saraso that serves authentic, famous and also peranakan Padang cuisine in Citywalk Sudirman. (Note: Peranakan is a term used for Chinese descendants, Chinese immigrants to the Malay archipelago

Keripik Telur Rendang - Rp. 12.000
Spicy egg chips.

Soto Padang - Rp. 29.500
Favorite among Padangnese, it is a beef broth with slices of beef, garlic, potato chip, onion, and plan-fried dumpling of potato.

Sate Padang - Rp. 32.000 (S), Rp. 38.800 (M)
A specialty skewer meal from Padang, made from dice-cut beef with spicy sauce made of turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander, curry powder and salt. Choice of beef, tongue, or mix of both.

Lunch Meal Packages (only available at 12 pm - 2 pm)
Nasi Cibudak - Rp. 38.000
Rice, fish with chili, cassava leaves, anchovies, green bean and white cabbage.

Tender dried meat jerky.
Dendeng Garing Lado Merah - Rp. 30.000 (S), Rp. 58.000 (M)
Dendeng Batokok Lado Merah - Rp. 29.500, Rp. 56.000 (M)

Below are the A La Carte that I tried. Actually there are much more options on the menu but then even these all are already more than enough to savor.
Meat: Daging Rendang - Rp. 29.950
Vegetables: Sayur Terong Balado - Rp. 12.000
Sayur Nangka - Rp. 15.000
Others: Ikan Teri Petay Balado - Rp. 22.000
Tunjang Gulai - Rp. 33.800

Kue Lupis - Rp. 17.500
Compressed glutinous rice served with grated coconut and coconut sugar syrup.

Pisang Goreng - Rp. 25.000
Fried banana with grated cheese, sprinkle chocolate and condense milk.

Serabi Padang - Rp. 21.000
Traditional Indonesian pancake, made from rice flour with coconut milk or just plain shredded coconut as an emulsifier

Es Campur - Rp. 27.000

Bubur Kampiun - Rp. 26.250
West-Sumatrans' signature breakfast dish, consisting of black and white glutinous rice porridge, sweet potato dumpling porridge, sticky sweet potato rice, rice pudding, and green bean porridge.

Es Jeruk Timun - Rp. 25.000
A very refreshing drink! Orange juice with grated cucumber.
I totally recommend this drink.
Current currency:
1 USD = Rp. 12.965
Citywalk Sudirman Level 1 Unit 17/18
(beside Sudirman Park Apartment)
Jl. KH Mansyur No. 121
Central Jakarta
Tel: 25558783


  1. Rasanya kurang otentik ah ini, terlalu 'bersih' hahahaha...kurang Padang gituuuu kalau buat lidah urang awak kayak gueh :p

    1. : Percaya ga percaya, komen pertamaku saat nyobain makanan di Saraso adalah "It feels so CLEAN to eat Padang food in here!" hahaha... :)

      Tapi serius lho, makanannya memang benar2 bahan berkualitas.

    2. iyalah bow, harga kan ga boong :p

    3. Betul.. betul... betul... *gaya upin & ipin* :D


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