Monday, October 20, 2008

Food court

Sunday noon, I met my ex-boss from the US in Plaza Senayan. After some walking around and shopping, we went for lunch. My ex-boss was craving for Indonesian food because she has left Indonesia for more than 10 years, in the other hand, I was craving for Japanese food. Thus, we decided to go to the food court where we could find our desired food. She had her nasi uduk and me, I got my sushi. Both of us, were satisfied with our food :)

My Sushi from Ichiban Sushi
Nasi Uduk from Koedoes


  1. Yup Nasi Uduk is my favourite. I didnt failed to take it every week when I was there. The stall is at the street next to Metropolitan. The best part is always the freshly made sambal.. ooo hooo...

  2. Guess what? I had nasi uduk for lunch! :)

    Which one do you prefer, Nasi Uduk or Nasi Lemak?

  3. I wished there are more Indonesian Restaurants back home :-( I like both Nasi Lemak (always ate this before going to school in the mornings) and Nasi Uduk :-)

  4. pixen: you are from malaysia, rite? I think Indonesian food and Malaysian food are quite similiar, that's why there are not many Indonesian restaurants in Malaysia.


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