Monday, October 20, 2008

Pulau Dua

To fulfill, my ex-boss craving of Indonesian food which is ikan bakar (grilled fish) with Indonesian spices, we went for dinner at Pulau Dua seafood restaurant.


  1. Grilled fish, fried fish, all fish is good!

    Look forward to seeing your new photo titles.

  2. Yessss... all fish is good and healthy :)

  3. Maybe you want to show the ikan goreng. The best is those look like a boat. The one I always fancied, Gurame Goreng. There is one stall under the bridge next to The Peninsula Hotel, with the fresh sambal..**salivating**. The last time I was there, the stall was no longer there **sad**

  4. We didn't order the Gurame goreng, only Gurame bakar :)

    Oh.. you ate the food under the bridge? Wow... that must be daring!


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