Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kue Ape

Kue ape is one of the traditional Jakarta snack which you can find on the street. It's like pancake but crispy surround it. Some people also named it as Kue Tetek (trans: breast cake), hehehe


  1. I reminds of this South Indian dish called appams.

    Here's what it looks like:

  2. Yes... it looks exactly the same :)

    We also have a small cake called apem.. but looks different than the appams.

  3. selba

    i missed these kuih tetek, they are called apom in malaysia

  4. hi lilyng, thanks for dropping by :)

    Sounds the name of kue ape in Malaysia is almost the same as in India.

  5. Yes, it's like apom in Msia but why ahh Indonesia called it tetek?? Really sounds weird laa.. ;p
    I got a call (this is work related) from a Ibu Tetek frm Indo to my office and my colleagues just couldn't stop laughin! Made my "professional" work conversation with her reealllyy tough..! *grin*

  6. LOL

    Are you serious that there's an Indonesian woman named Tetek? Hahaha... Well, tetek means breast. I guess if you put 2 kue ape side by side, it kinda give you the imagination of breast? :D

  7. selba

    my daughter in malaysia bought me 2 small wok to make these kue and it turned out fine after fine tuning the recipe. if you happened by chance have this recipe, could you share?

  8. lilyng: I found this kue ape recipe:
    500 gr rice flour
    3 glasses of coconut milk
    350 gr sugar
    3 eggs
    1 tbs baking soda
    Mixed them altogether and then ready to put on the wok. This recipe will result about 40 pieces.

  9. Jalan Sabang in Jakarta is full of good food -- not far from the National Monument and Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (Hotel Indonesia roundabout)

  10. umar khatab: Sounds like that you also like to jalan Sabang for good street food, ya?


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