Monday, February 11, 2013

AsliCabeIjo - Cooking Experience with Chef Bara Pattirajawane

I experienced a fun cooking class with Chef Bara Pattirajawane together with some other bloggers. It was held at Jakarta Culinary Center Senayan, sponsored by Indomie and organized by Ogilvy & Mather.

Not only food bloggers but there were also travel bloggers.

Chef Bara showed us how to prepare and cook the fried snapper with green chili and coconut milk sauce.
Chef Bara's creation.

Then, we had to cook the same recipe within an hour.

Cindy and I were in a team.

 On the cooking table:

The ingredients:

While Cindy was taking care of frying the battered snapper,

I took care of making the green chili and coconut milk sauce.

The result:
What do you think? Will you order it if it's on a restaurant menu? ;)

At the end of the cooking class session, chef Bara made Pandan Pannacota with chocolate and jackfruit on the top.

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  1. The snapper looks nice and yummy. I'd definitly order that if you decide to open a restaurant :-)

  2. albert: Really? I take it as a compliment! hahaha... :D


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