Friday, February 15, 2013

Starbucks Gambir Train Station

At the end of January, Starbucks just opened the 142nd Starbucks store at Gambir Station, Jakarta which it is the first store in a train station in Indonesia. The location of the store is strategically at the departure area where travelers can have their favorite beverage easily before or after their train journey. The brewing time is daily from 5 am to 8 pm.

Starbucks Indonesia introduced their Winter Beverage 2013, available from 8 January 2013 to 4 March 2013. There are three beverages: Hojicha Tea (roasted Japanese green tea) served in hot/iced Latte and Frapuccino, Starbucks Signature Chocolate and  Green Tea Latte with an additional espresso shot.

Hojicha Tea Frapuccino 

Green Tea Latte with an additional Espresso shot
Tall - Rp. 36.000, Grande - Rp. 42.000, Venti - Rp. 47.000
Love it! Surprisingly that hot green tea latte blended so nicely with espresso :)

The food to be paired with the above beverages:

Smoked Chicken Croissant - Rp. 23.000

A buttery croissant filled with smoked chicken and cheese.

Tuna Cheese Whole Wheat Panini Sandwich - Rp. 35.000

Inside the Tuna Cheese Whole Wheat Panini Sandwich is mayonnaise, tuna mix filling, red green pepper and cheese.

Verona Cake - Rp. 22.000
Layered cake consists almond biscuit, butter cream and  Starbucks Coffee Verona biscuit.

Starbucks also introduced its four types of tea: Spearmint Green, English Breakfast, Chai, and Earl Grey.

I like this spearmint green. It tastes mild, soothing and refreshing.

Starbucks Gambir
Area Keberangkatan Stasiun Gambir
Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur
Central Jakarta 10110


  1. hai, salam kenal...

    akhirnya starbucks buka juga ya di gambir... lumayan bisa buat nongkrong kalo mau nunggu kereta... selama ini bingung mau nunggunya dimana hehehe...

    1. melissa: salam kenal juga :) Sering naik kereta api yah? Starbucks Gambir, tempatnya engga terlalu besar tapi iya... lumayanlah buat minum2 dulu dan juga nungggu2 walaupun non-smoking area-nya bener2 terbatas banget dan AC-nya ga berasa ;)

  2. Akhir nya ada juga model Starbuck beginian di Indonesia. Jadi inget waktu di Kowloon. Di HungHom Market, ada Sturbuck kecil-kecil kya gini tapi banyak hahaha.

    Salam kenal Selba

    1. bangga: salam kenal juga, banggavann :) Iya, ini model Starbucks pertama yg mungil dan juga ada di stasiun kereta api di Indonesia. Oh, di Hongkong banyak yah Starbucks yang mungil2? Saya engga sempat perhatiin waktu lagi di sana... :)

  3. Gambir seems pretty nice, in comparison with the Surabaya's Gubeng station

    We got dunkin donuts here x_x

  4. albert: Oh... we also have dunkin donuts in Gambir station :D


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