Saturday, February 16, 2013

Brunch at BonChon

Today, some food bloggers and I were invited for a brunch at Bonchon, Citywalk Sudirman.

Here is the Brunch Menu.

Kimchi Soup, Chicken Soup, Fresh Salad and Bites (original or spicy)

For my entree, I had fresh salad. It's kind of interesting to see fried batter as the salad topping instead of ordinary croutons. A different crunchiness which was unique and good.  

(available starting March 2013)

Classic Myun with Boneless Cutlet 
Myun or Myeon means noodles in Korea. I'm not so sure how the Koreans prepare their noodles but this noodle was a bit soggy. As for the sauce, it tasted pretty sweet and also spicy which was difficult for me to enjoy it because I can't eat spicy food. I wish that the spiciness can be eliminated since there is already Spicy Myun in the menu for those people who love eating spicy food. To my surprise and also the other food bloggers', the batter-fried boneless cutlet chicken was totally bland. First, I thought the chef forgot to put salt or other ingredients that can make it tasty. But then, when I had a chance to ask the chef why it was bland, he explained that the way to eat this dish is that we supposed to mix the batter-fried boneless cutlet chicken together with the noodles and the sauce. Therefore, in order not to overwhelmed the taste of this dish, the batter-fried boneless cutlet chicken was prepared tasteless. Interesting, isn't it? If I may put my two cents in, it probably will be better if they inform or prepare a sign to tell how to eat this dish; instead later on, there will be customers who might complain. ;)

Spicy Myun with Boneless Cutlet 

Snowflakes - Blueberry, Strawberry, Mocha flavors
I chose Snowflakes Blueberry for my dessert because I was pretty curious how it tastes. Well, after two spoons of it, I guess it's not really my type of dessert.

I'll stick to these yummy vanilla, strawberry and mocha ice cream Mochi :)

Bonchon Citywalk
Citywalk Sudirman
Jl. K.h Mas Mansyur 121


  1. wah cepet banget uda ditulis hehehe ^^

  2. penasaran sama myun nya..jadi ayam nya kudu ikut diaduk sama saos nya yah....sabar aja de gw nunggu maret hihi

    1. urukyu: wah... elo malahan jadi penasaran yah? hehehe.. iya, berdasarkan chef-nya ayamnya harus ikut diaduk sama saus, untuk mendapatkan rasa, pdhal kalo kayak gw tadi, gw prefer makan myun dgn sausnya lalu ayamnya sebagai cemilan ;)

  3. mmmm yummy , ngiler lihat photonya ..kesana segera

    1. renovasi12: ngiler liat foto yang mana? kalo menu myun blom dijual, baru ada nanti di bulan Maret.

  4. Replies
    1. albert: mochi ice cream is my favorite too :)

  5. halooo kak selbaaa ini Hans yang kemarin ada di food blogger gathering :). I remember you even though we only have a very short time to get to know each other. You have a really nice blog and you've been blogging since 2005. wow. commitment, salute :). PS: you're right, the mochis are heaven like LOL.

  6. hans: Hi Hans, thanks for visiting my blog and also your compliments :) Hope to see you again in another food blogger gathering, ya... ;)

  7. I never went to BonChon chicken in Korea, but I got reallllly sick of all the bland food + flavorful dipping sauce.

    1. mica: Oh.. so most of the food in Korea is bland? That's interesting because when I ate at Korean restaurant, the food was quite tasty. Hmmm, maybe it's adjusted, not authentic taste?

  8. A friend of mine went here yesterday. Orderring something like a chicken burger and fries. Wasn't satisfied. I guess it's blandness doesnt suit well with surabaya peps fondness of spicy food

  9. albert: Yup.. their burgers are totally tasteless! :( I went to the launching of the burgers and didn't write a review of it because I got "speechless of full disappointment". Their fried chicken is actually quite nice and tasty especially the wings.


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