Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chicken & Egg, Citos

Chicken & Egg restaurant is a restaurant that serves chicken and egg as the main ingredients.

Outdoor - smoking area.

The capacity is available for 120 pax.

The interior in Chicken & Egg was designed relax casual but also still elegant.

The chicken goddess. 

The open kitchen.

Roasting the chicken in sitting position.

Chicken & Pineapple Nachos - Rp. 38.000
Crispy nachos with chicken and melted cheese. not so sure why it's called as pineapple nachos because I didn't see any chunk of pineapple.

Crispy Snack Combo - Rp. 48.000
Mixed potato skin, crispy mushroom, french fries and onion rings

Mexican Chicken Quesadilla - Rp. 42.000
Tortilla wrap with grilled chicken, Mexican salsa, jalapeno with yellow cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Italian Omelette - Rp. 48.000
Omelette based topped with tomato, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and oregano.

Swiss Omelette - Rp. 48.000

wild mushroom and cheese as the filling.

Indonesian Omelette - Rp. 42.000
Omelette stuffed with Indonesian fried rice.

The Roasted Chicken - Rp. 178.000 (full) or Rp. 98.000 (half size).
They all tasted quite good. The Indonesian spiced was my favorite because it was much tastier than the other two roasted chicken.

Spit-roasted Black Pepper 

Spit-roasted Indonesian Spiced Chicken

Spit-roasted Lime and Chili Chicken

Lemon Creme Brulee - Rp. 48.000
Rich custard dessert which supposed to have lemon flavor. Sadly, there's no hint of lemon flavor at all.

Spiced Mojito (left) - Rp. 55.000
Home-spiced syrup, fresh lemon juice, mint leaves, sparkling water. A unique refreshing taste of sweet, sour and mint flavor with spices. 
Passion Fruit Mojito (right) - Rp. 55.000
Rum syrup, lime juice, mint leaves, passion fruit, sparkling water. I really love this drink! Not so sure why there's licorice flavor in it although licorice is not included as an ingredient in this drink.

Homemade Ice lemon tea (left) - Rp. 24.000
Very refreshing and the ice cubes were made from ice lemon tea.
Lychee Raspberry (right) - Rp. 32.000
All prices are subjected to tax and service charge.
Current currency:
1 USD = Rp. 11.450

Chicken & Egg
Cilandak Town Square (Citos)
Ground Floor Unit 012, 014, 016
South Jakarta
Tel: 75920233

Opening hours:
Sun - Thu: 8 am - 11 am
Fri - Sat & PH: 8 am - 11 am
Lunch & Dinner
Sun - Thu: 11 am - 12 am
Fri - Sat & PH: 11 - 12 am

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