Monday, March 24, 2014

Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop

About a week ago, I tasted some of the high-end desserts, the famous Kronut (cronut) and also the new dessert menu offered by Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop. The new dessert menu featured Matcha Goma, Emeraude Cake, Piemonte Hazelnut cake and Chocombroise

I was informed that each month, the Cake Shop will also offer a variety of eclairs with new colors and flavors. For guests at Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop who want to experience the new desserts, they can order the Afternoon Tea Package (Rp. 230.000++), available daily from 3pm to 6pm at Cinnamon restaurant. The guests can choose to have a coffee or tea, a selection of the new cakes and sandwiches.

Alliance Apricot (individual) - Rp. 50.000
Opera Cake (individual) - Rp. 50.000

Lime Macaron (individual) - Rp. 50.000
Lime & Lemon Curd Cream With Fresh Raspberry 

Caramel and Apple Tart (individual) - Rp. 50.000
Caramel Chiboust Cream With Caramelized Apples 

Kronut (individual) - Rp. 35.000
Chocolate Cronut

Vanilli Cronut

Blueberry Cronut

Alliance Apricot
Apricot And Mascarpone Mousse With Sable Breton 
Round 20 cm - Rp. 395.000
18x18cm - Rp. 415.000
20x30cm - Rp. 580.000
30x30cm - Rp. 780.000
30x40cm - Rp. 870.000
40x40cm - Rp. 995.000

Caramel and Apple Tart
Caramel Chiboust Cream With Caramelized Apples 
Round 20 cm - Rp. 340.000

Piemonte Hazelnut Cake
Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake With Hazelnut 
Round 20 cm - Rp. 395.000
Matcha Goma Cake
White Chocolate Mousse, Green Tea Biscuit with Sesame Seed Jelly 
18x18cm - Rp. 395.000
20x30cm - Rp. 570.000
30x30cm - Rp. 740.000
30x40cm - Rp. 850.000
40x40cm - Rp. 950.000
All prices are subjected to tax and service charge.
Current currency: 
1 USD = Rp. 11.380

Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop
Jalan MH Thamrin
Central Jakarta 10310
Telephone: 2993 8888


  1. hmm looks nice, certainly worth the price considering they use good ingredients like those big succulant raspberries

    is the whole cake also served for the afternoon tea?

    1. albert chandra: Not as whole cake but in mini size ;) but for sure, you can buy it as a whole cake with the size and price mentioned.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful and sinful spread of sweet delights , LOL! :-D
    Looks like they have a great selection of cakes too; wonder if it is the same in our own Mandarin Oriental here ;-)

  3. christy: The pastry chef at Mandarin Oriental Jakarta is an Indonesian. Her name is Wita Girawati and just completed an intensive training at the prestigious LeNotre culinary institutes in Paris ;)

  4. You tried all of them? =D That must've been one sugar-rushed evening. If I only have one shot, which one would you recommend me to eat?

    Ruby |

    1. fellexandro ruby: Yup, I tried all and was high-sugar, hahaha... My favorite one is the Chocombroise (no flour biscuit with raspberry and raspberry ganache). Believe it or not, the famous Kronuts from MO didn't really impressed me ;)


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